CBD Cheese.

First in the World CBD (Cannabidiol) Cheese made with CBD Weed is a natural neuroprotectant reduces muscle and joint pain, promoted healing is anti-inflammatory and gives you a natural energy. CBD is also full of, among other things, omega fatty acids, amino acids, carothens and vitamins.

Holland The Cheese Country. CBD Cheese.

During the Golden Age, cheese exports went up exponentially. This gave the Netherlands the name of being a cheese country. In 1593, cheese carriers in Alkmaar gather in a guild. Gouda cheese and Edam cheese are nevertheless the two best-known Dutch varieties, which were eventually distributed worldwide. In 1840, a Uruguayan warship is said to have used Edam cheese as cannonballs, destroying the mast of an Argentinian ship.

Holland The Cheese exporter.
In modern times, Dutch farmers have gradually switched from cheese production on the farm to cheese production in dairy factories. With the production of nearly 800 million kilos of cheese per year, the Netherlands is one of the largest cheese makers in Europe. It is not for nothing that cheese is the only food the Netherlands is internationally renowned for. Every year countless tourists come to a city like Gouda, just to enjoy the Dutch cheeses.

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